NYC 2024

Nepal comprises of over 41 percent of youths out of their total population. This age group is the backbone of Nepal and their participation is extremely important in every aspect of our society. It is of the utmost importance that these youths be guided and led to explore their path in life and set goals for themselves with a vision for their nation. With this, Nepal Youth Council (NYC) has been actively working on the thematic areas of Youth for Election, Youth Entrepreneurship, Youth for SDGs, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Youth for ICT, and Youth for Environment and Leadership. NYC has been working actively for the development of youth personality as well as boosting their self-confidence by providing various training to enhance diverse skills. To make youths independent, NYC for a long time, has been investing in youths to equip them with the needed skill-sets. National Youth Conference 2023, with this year’s theme of Youth in Entrepreneurship, Youths for SDGs, Youths for Media and Digital Literacy, Youths for Ethical and Transparent Governance, and Youths in Civic Engagement and Election, will be happening from 9-12 August in Kathmandu with an aim to bring together 220 youths from across Nepal under the sameroof for 3 days. The major motive of the conference is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the youth so that they can take the leadership role for the betterment of Nepal.
Nepal Youth Council believes that upon the completion of the 2023 conference, the participants will be able to move beyond a process-oriented understanding of technology and apply digital resources creatively in their original work. They will be able to participate in community activities to take political as well as nonpolitical actions to improve the conditions for others. They will be provided with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities, self‐esteem, knowledge, and skills to act on them. They will be understanding more about the Sustainable Development Goals and its various agendas. And finally, they will be equipped with the knowledge of ethical and transparent governance. Nepal Youth Council is convinced that the conference will recognize the youths as an undeniably effective force in the mainstream of development in Nepal.


Youth for SDGs
Climate Action Gender Equality
Youth Entrepreneurship
Youths in Elections
Good Governance


Nepal Youth Council (NYC Nepal) is a national-level, legally registered, non-government organization with its network expanded in all 77 districts of Nepal. NYC Nepal focuses on the development of Youth’s personality, Youth entrepreneurship, and leadership skills for the betterment of the country, prioritizing achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nepal Youth Council (NYC) has been actively working on the thematic areas of Youth for Election, Youth Entrepreneurship, Youth for SDGs, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Youth for ICT, and Youth for Environment and Leadership. With the slogan “Youths are the Torchbearers of Change,” NYC Nepal has successfully organized various events on the issue of awareness of the rights and responsibilities of youths including the seven National Youth Conferences held in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 in Kathmandu. NYC 2020 and NYC 2021 were organized virtually due to the COVID pandemic. In addition to that, the “SDGs Festival 2018” in various cities across 7 provinces in association with UNDP Nepal, and Asian Youth Summit 2019 in Kathmandu collaborating with MasterPeace International were also successfully completed. Recently, NYC has also organized a Seed Fund implementation program on “Youth Engagement on Climate Change Initiatives” in the year 2021, where 7 best ideas were selected out of 21 ideas presented from all seven provinces. The selected ideas will be provided with Rs. 50,000 each by Coca-cola Bottlers Nepal (Terai) Limited.

The NYC Nepal team is leveraging information technology as a tool to continuously motivate youths in the field of tourism, agriculture, youth entrepreneurship, rule of law, and many more. NYC Nepal not only provides an equal opportunity to every youth for addressing various problems but also provides opportunities to interact with professionals and experts to localize the SDGs focusing on youth empowerment and capacity development. It has already won the trust of donors, supporters, and partner organizations and has been continuously supported by these trustees in many youth engaging programs. NYC Nepal has successfully partnered with the different levels of the Government of Nepal, Inter-Governmental Organizations, International Organizations, Civil Society organizations, I/NGOs, the private sector, academic institutions, various media, community organizations, and many more.


  • To promote the participation of Nepali youths in decision-making processes at all three tiers of the government.


  • To focus on the enhancement of youths in the field of leadership, entrepreneurship, networking, policy-making, good governance, and personality development


  • To empower representatives and semi-skilled Nepalese youth from all 77 districts by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to design policies and grow their careers, as well as generating awareness about using IT to benefit both the youth and the country


  • 7 Provincial Plans of Action focusing on the major workout area of the provinces based on the thematic areas of the conference.


  • 7 Dynamic Provincial seed-fund plans focusing on any of the conference’s thematic areas.


  • Mobilizing the 77 COOLeaders in local community with Climate Action initiatives