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Sudurpashchim Province Youth Erupt with Ideas at Dynamic Conference!

The Provincial Youth Conference 2024 in Sudurpashchim Province was a powerhouse of energy and engagement! Held from Baishakh 27-29 (May 9-11, 2024) at Saunrai Square, Dhangadhi, a whopping 206 young minds came together, with a remarkable 32 participants with disabilities making their voices heard. This diverse group, including 108 male and 98 female participants, with 15 males and 17 females among those with disabilities, truly showcased the conference’s commitment to inclusivity.

The event was organized in collaboration with 33 partner organizations, including 17 from the private sector, 11 government organizations, 4 development agencies, and 2 civil society organizations, with 52 local government representatives actively involved. This ensured a well-rounded and impactful experience.

Significantly, the event featured 15 dynamic speakers across various sessions including presentations, Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and sharing of struggles and success stories. Participants tackled critical issues facing their communities, leading to the creation of 14 Declaration Points and a roadmap of 27 Action Plans designed to address challenges like agriculture, climate change, and cultural preservation.

The energy and enthusiasm at the conference were contagious, leaving participants motivated to champion social issues in their localities. From mobilizing youth in tourism to raising awareness about drug abuse, the conference empowered young people to become active changemakers. Key recommendations included mobilizing youth in sectors such as tourism, climate change, and the preservation and promotion of local culture, raising public awareness about drug abuse through youth-led initiatives, and addressing issues concerning biological diversity and ensuring food safety through concrete actions and youth participation.

This impactful event showcased the potential and aspirations of Sudurpashchim Province’s youth. Now, it’s time for action! We urge authorities to implement youth-friendly budgets and address the needs of this vibrant generation. By investing in our youth, we invest in a brighter future for Sudurpashchim Province and Nepal as a whole!

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