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National Youth Conference 2022

By Nepal Youth Council(NYC)

National Youth Conference 2022

National Youth Conference 2022, with this year’s theme of Youth in Entrepreneurship, Youths for SDGs, Youths for Media and Digital Literacy, Youths for Ethical and Transparent Governance, and Youths in Civic Engagement and
Election, will be happening from 12-14 August in Kathmandu with an aim to bring together 220 youths from across Nepal under the same roof for 3 days.

The major motive of the conference is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the youth so that they can take the leadership role for the betterment of Nepal. Nepal Youth Council believes that upon the completion of the 2022 conference, the participants will be able to move beyond a process-oriented understanding of technology and apply digital resources creatively in their original work. They will be able to participate in community activities to take political as well as nonpolitical actions to improve the conditions for others. They will be provided with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities, self‐esteem, knowledge, and skills to act on them. They will be understanding more about the Sustainable Development Goals and its various agendas. And finally, they will be equipped with the knowledge of ethical and transparent governance. Nepal Youth Council is convinced that the conference will recognize the youths as an undeniably effective force in the mainstream of development in Nepal.

Hightlight of #NationalYouthConference2022

🗣️ 3 days residential conference,
🗣️ 5 different themes with 10 different sessions,
🗣️ Interaction with leading entrepreneurs, social activists and change-makers of Nepal,
🗣️ Youths Cultural Exchange program,
🗣️ National/Provincial level seed funding,
🗣️ Provincial Action Plan,
🗣️ 250+ change-makers in a single platform for a social cause,
🗣️ 250+ local government representatives from 77 districts,
🗣️ 35+ partner organizations from governmental, private sectors, I/NGO, inter-governmental organizations and youth-focused organizations,
🗣️ Recognition of distinguished changemakers with 10+ social awards.


With the slogan “Youths are the torch-bearer of change” NYC will always work for the betterment of the youths with the theme “Nepal is moving ahead”.