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National Youth Conference To Be Held With Participants From 77 Districts Of Nepal

By Nepal Youth Council(NYC)

National Youth Conference To Be Held With Participants From 77 Districts Of Nepal

With similar to past years, Nepal Youth Council is going to organize National Youth Conference 2019 on the occasion of International Youth Day 2019. It aims to bring youths from 77 districts together with a male and female participants from each.  Tourism (Visit Nepal 2020), 50 Under 50 (Gender Equality), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Youth Leadership and Youth Entrepreneurship are the major thematic areas of National Youth Conference 2019. The conference will be held in capital of Nepal, Kathmandu from 10-12 August.


There will be altogether 204 delegates including 77 females and 77 males from each district and 50 other participants representing different communities. Organizers believe that it will encourage inclusion confirming 50 % of female participants. Similar to past years youths aged 18-30 studying, working or doing social services in their own district or local level are eligible to apply for National Youth Conference 2019.

The youth participants must carry a recommendation letter from their local government showing proof of their academic or working activities in their own district. Before the conference, participants from each province must conduct a press conference and submit press release to the chief minister. Also, after attending the conference the participant must submit the declaration and press release to the chief minister of their respective province and local level. Nepal Youth Council has a province coordinator in each province of Nepal.

During the conference, each province will be given a stall in which participants can exhibit their art and culture and different local kinds of stuff to promote tourism of their province. The stall will be kept for the whole 3 days of the conference. To promote their art, culture, ethnicity, and tourism, participants must bring stuff by their own from their respective provinces.

Youth cultural night will also be organized during the conference in which participants must compulsorily be in their ethnic dress reflecting their culture. Similar to past years, the best idea of an action plan from each province will be given seed money in the conference. Action plan related to Tourism (Visit Nepal 2020), 50 Under 50 (Gender Equality), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Youth Leadership and Youth Entrepreneurship will be presented.

Nepal Youth council has been active in the field of youth leadership, sustainable development goals, personality development since 7 years.  The main motto of the National Youth Conference is to involve youth in a leading role in different social and economic activities of their provinces. Nepal Youth Council hopes that the participants of the conference will learn to bring positive changes in their society and be a leader.

40% of total population of Nepal is occupied by youths and to bring positive changes it is essential for the youths to be in the leading role in each level. Nepal Youth Council has been working in the theme “Youths are Change Makers” and it has been conducting National Youth Conference each year bringing participants from all around the nation in Kathmandu valley for 3 days. The first National Youth Conference 2015 included youth participants from 52 districts, National Youth Conference 2016 included participants’ from 68 districts, National Youth Conference 2017 included participants from 74 districts and National Youth Conference 2018 was able to include 204 participants from all 77 districts of Nepal. Also, Nepal Youth Council had organized SDGs festival in coordination with UNDP Nepal in all the 7 provinces of Nepal and it has been actively working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and localizing the goals.

Best action plans prepared by 7 provinces in the National Youth Conference 2018 is being implemented with the help of seed money of Rs. 75,000 provided by Coca-Cola in each province.

Together with that, the Provincial Youth Conference will be held in each province to make youths of the local level more active by increasing their potential. There are more than 200 active members of Nepal Youth Council in each province of Nepal.

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With the slogan “Youths are the torch-bearer of change” NYC will always work for the betterment of the youths with the theme “Nepal is moving ahead”.