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Provincial Youth Conference 2019 – Gandaki Province

By Nepal Youth Council(NYC)

Provincial Youth Conference 2019 – Gandaki Province

As defined by the National Youth Policy, 2072(2015), youth means “citizens within the age bracket of 16 to 40 years”. The numbers of the Youths constitute 40.3% of the total population of Nepal which age-group keeps willingness and capacity to bring changes in the country if their energy is rightly utilized for the sake of individual, family, and country, in general. Due to lack of knowledge, motivation, opportunities, and guidance, many youths in the country are not able to find the right way in life and moving around without vision and goals. The trend proves to be good neither for an individual nor for the country.  Thus, it is urgent to build the capacity of youths and engage them in capacity building and income generation activities through leadership building.

The objective of the Provincial Youth Conferences

The major objective of organizing the provincial conferences is to build the leadership capacity of scattered youths by integrating their strengths to achieve sustainable developments goals at the local level. The programs not only sharpen the individual capacity but also support to prepare the background for developing the country towards economic prosperity.  The specific objectives are:

  • To motivate youths to be entrepreneurs by identifying the possibilities in agriculture and tourism sectors at the local level.
  • To promote the local touristic destinations and initiate for their conservation in association with the local governments.
  • To localize the UN’s SDGs and support the government to achieve them in the country.
  • To undertake the activities to minimize the growing impacts of climate change.
  • To prepare the provincial level ‘Youth Action Plan’ and submit to the local government and partner with them in implementation.

Criteria for participation in the conference

  • Above 18 years and below 30 years old.
  • Involved in social activities in his/her home district and should be involved in some kind of entrepreneurship.
  • Shall not be associated with any political party.
  • Produce at least three evidence s/he has conducted activities for social transformation.
  • In case a district does not have a balanced representation of a female and a male, efforts will be made to identify at least three alternate candidates to ensure equal representation.


The following themes will be the focus of the thematic papers:

  1. SDGs; and,
  2. Tourism (Visit Nepal 2020)
  3. Climate Action (SDGs13)
  4. Water Governacne (TROSA)
  5. Youth Exchnage (Networking)
  6. Provincial Plans of Action

The papers will be presented by experts. After the presentation of each thematic paper, commentators will provide their expert feedback. Following this, the floor will be opened for discussions. The main points discussed will be culled out at the end of each thematic paper discussion so that they can be used for developing the Provincial Plans of Action with innovative social entrepreneurial ideas.

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With the slogan “Youths are the torch-bearer of change” NYC will always work for the betterment of the youths with the theme “Nepal is moving ahead”.