NYC 2022


In total, 220 youths representatives from all over Nepal will attend the #Conference. The conference will house 154 youths (one female and one male) from all 77 districts of Nepal. In addition to that, 66 youths (gender-balanced) will be selected from the disabled, Dalits, diverse ethnic groups, minority communities, and LGBTQ community to ensure inclusion. In case a district does not have a balanced representation of a female and a male, efforts will be made to identify at least three alternate candidates to ensure equal representation. 



📢 Youth of age 18-35 years
📢 Should be involved in social activities in their home district or be involved in some entrepreneurship activity, or be studying in the same district 
📢 Should not be associated with any political party  
📢 Should be able to present at least three evidences of activities that they have conducted for social transformation 



📢 Updated CV | Bio-Data.
📢 Recent Passport Size Photo.
📢 Citizenship Copy.
📢 Recommendation Letter from Local Government (Proof of their current address must be included, and the participant should have the same temporary and permanent address).
📢 Recommendation Letter from Local Organization or current academic affiliation or business organizations (Proof of his/her current address must be included and the participant should have the same temporary and permanent address).
📢 Letter of Interest (Why do you want to participate in the conference? What contribution are you going to make to the conference? How do you plan to implement the lessons learned during the conference? In less than 500 words)


Application forms will be made available to interested participants from the Nepal Youth Council’s official website which can be downloaded or filled online. The participants must submit a completed application form by 4th July 2022 to Nepal Youth Council at  The instructions for depositing the application fee of Rs. 1,011 will be available on the application form as well as on the website.