Bagmati Province

The National Youth Conference 2018 (NYC 2018) organized by Nepal Youth Council laid a foundation for this project. Delegates from 77 districts participated in this conference where problems for the society were thoroughly discussed. The delegates were distributed into 7 groups as per their province and were asked to brainstorm and present 7 ideas from each province to tackle the environmental as well as social problems in their respective regions. From province 3, seven ideas were presented out of which “Waste and Pollution management through entrepreneurship approach” was on. This project was designed to meet the necessity to control waste and pollution in province 3 especially in the valley region. Targeting the success of Tourism Year 2020, this project was designed on the principle of waste to money. The project mainly targets tourist areas and heritage sites for its implementation.


  1. Minimize waste and pollution through entrepreneurship approach
  2. Enhance environmental awareness in the community
  3. Ensure the sustainability of the project at the local level
  4. Production and promotion of recyclable products like bags, manures, etc.
  5. Utilization of barren lands for composting degradable wastes into manures with the help of local farmers and benefit the soil by using organic compost instead of chemical fertilizers
  6. To put effective and efficient waste collection facilities especially in tourist areas
  7. To aware people, industries, local authorities about their role in waste management

Project photos