Gandaki Province

Although Nepal government signified 67 districts to provide adolescent-friendly health services and to promote sexual and reproductive health of adolescents still those services and information is lacking and inadequate and still has not reached to each and every adolescent of rural areas.

Besides this increase in sexual and reproductive health issues and crimes like rape, teenage pregnancy, unwanted and forced pregnancy, early marriage, unsafe sex, STIs/STDs, menstrual problems, etc. had been increased in a rapid race. One of the main reasons is the lack of effective information, education services, and peer pressure as a major factor to influence SRH of adolescents. Hence this project aimed to address those factors and enable adolescents to comprehensive sexuality Education by developing approximately 150 peer educator each 50 from each 3 districts and they will be given training on CSE and they will be the resource person to their schools and area to aware higher number of adolescents will be benefited and aware, utilize health services as given by government and private sectors. This helps adolescents to be clear in matters relating to sexual and reproductive health and as a whole decreased in SRH morbidity and outcomes.


  1. To ensure and enable adolescents to access to comprehensive sexuality education through training and awareness program.
  2. To assess the knowledge, attitude-behavior, and practice on sexual and Reproductive health among adolescents of three districts.


  1. To assess pre-existing Knowledge attitude and practice among adolescents of 3 districts before the training given.
  2. To educate and aware adolescents on emerging sexual and reproductive health issues through comprehensive sexuality education.
  3. To increase the service intake by the adolescents from the respective districts in matters relating to sexual and reproductive health issues,
  4. To assess change in knowledge, attitudes, behavior and practice level after the training given to adolescents on sexual and reproductive health.
  5. To find out the effectiveness of the program (project).


Area selection for the project execution and implementation: This project is based on the vision that a “environment where adolescents boys and girls are aware of every sort of sexual and reproductive health issues occurring during in any age of human development “that is no any adolescents left behind of accurate information education and services in all matters relating to sexual and reproductive health related to (SDGs Goal 3). For this project, we decided to choose the 3 districts from province no 4. These districts are chosen based on the issues of SRH that are hidden and somehow higher in those districts as we know rape cases, early marriage, the abortion rate in adolescents STIs/STDs, teenage pregnancy seems to be higher which we hear listen from news time and again in those regions. For the execution of the project, we decided to conduct this project in 3 districts of province no 4.that is Kaski, Tanahun, Myagdi.

Project photos