About us



  1. To Develop the Youths Entrepreneurship in Nepal.
  2. To Develop the Leadership Quality and Skills of Nepalese Youths.
  3. To explore the vast agro-based occupation, tourism, handicraft and skill-oriented vocation in the country, and mobilize the youths and get them trained periodically by native and foreign specialists.
  4. To participate in the national and international meetings and conferences on youths and express our views.
  5. To coordinate and collaborate with governmental and non-governmental bodies in programs those encourage self-employment for youths, and advocate for providing loans to youths at a low interest rate.
  6. To take the latest development in modern technologies to the nooks and corners of the country, and introduce the country into the world arena.
  7. To cooperate with the youth organizations of the world and from time to time run exchange programs on reciprocal developments and knowledge.
  8. To Provide the Personality Development Training to Nepalese Youths.