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Nepal Youth Council (NYC Nepal) implements most of its programs through its members spread across Nepal in 42 districts. Moreover, due to NYC Nepal link with numerous other Youth, it carries the capacity to plan and deliver programs across 77 districts. Since our members and partners are based in districts, they have the capacity to execute programs at the community level creating maximum impact.

Youths occupy some 40.43 percentage of the population in Nepal. Despite huge demography, still youths face a nostalgic situation in their lives; they suffer from unemployment, depression, and chaos. For not having enough job opportunities youths become derailed from mundane chores of life, as a result, they flee to foreign lands in search of better jobs. One main reason is the instability of the political system, which results in mental conflict among youngsters, and becomes a victim of bad governance. Over the decades, there has been a trend of youngsters leaving overseas for jobs and studies; among them, some take refuge in the Middle East to earn their livelihood.

On the other hand, due to the negative impact of Western culture, youngsters suffer a hardship, chaotic and penury life, forgetting one’s culture and adopting other cultures. However, we cannot ignore the youths’ progress; still, there is an optimistic point in their lives. As youths can join hands, come forward, and use their labor for them and Motherland rather than foreign lands. We, Nepal Youth Council (NYC) urge youngsters to practice and impose positive energy to live and lead a better tomorrow. The main dictum, “Transformation of Youths”, initiated in 2011 in Kathmandu, and now in more than 48 districts; NYC has performed various programs and activities of positive transformation on youngsters through seminars, workshops, and conventions.

Since establishment, NYC has conducted several activities on Youths in various sectors, such as; Personality Development, Youth Entrepreneurship, Youth Leadership, and Self Reliance, and become popular throughout the nation. As every individual has the opportunity for Work in this nation, Nepal. So, start now; it is not late, never wait for tomorrow! NYC wishes an endeavor and prosperous life to every individual.




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