NYC 2023

Climate Action

Youths can play a significant role in promoting climate action in Nepal by using technology to raise awareness and promote eco-friendly lifestyles. Nepal is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and youths can use digital platforms to provide information on how to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to a changing climate.

The Nepal Youth Council can leverage information technology to develop online campaigns, social media engagement, and mobile apps that deliver information and tips on reducing carbon footprints. They can also use technology to monitor climate patterns and provide early warning systems for vulnerable populations. Additionally, digital platforms can be used to promote renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, contributing to Nepal’s efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Gender Equality

Despite advances in recent years, Nepal still confronts hurdles in achieving gender equality. Youths can use information technology to raise awareness about gender equality’s importance, the harmful effects of gender-based violence, and the need for increased female representation in politics and decision-making positions.Online classes, mobile apps, and social media can all be used to disseminate information.
The Nepal Youth Council can use IT to promote gender equality and initiatives to combat violence against women. They can create digital platforms that encourage women’s participation in decision-making and provide information on women’s rights and gender-sensitive reporting. ICT can also be used to monitor and report incidents of violence against women and girls.

Youths in Election

Youths can leverage information technology to enhance the electoral process in Nepal, promote democracy, and ensure free and fair elections. Using IT, they can educate the public on the voting process, rules, and regulations governing elections, and prevent errors that result in invalid ballots.

The Nepal Youth Council can also use digital platforms to encourage youth involvement in elections, with information on voter registration, voting procedures, and candidate platforms. Social media and other digital tools can increase voter participation and decrease invalid ballots while promoting transparency and fairness in the electoral process. By becoming more informed about civic issues, engaging in discussions, and mobilizing support for causes they care about, Nepalese youths can improve their participation in the electoral process and promote election integrity.

Good Governance

Youths in Nepal have the potential to promote good governance and fight corruption using Information Technology (IT). One way they can do this is by adopting digital payment methods to increase transparency in transactions and reduce the circulation of currency. Online platforms can also be created for reporting corruption and promoting transparency in government activities.

Social media can be utilized to raise awareness of these issues and encourage public participation in government activities. Good governance is crucial for economic development and social stability in Nepal. The Nepal Youth Council can utilize IT to enhance good governance by creating digital platforms that provide data on government services, budgeting, and public procurement. They can also use technology to monitor the performance of public institutions, combat corruption, and promote accountability and transparency. E-governance and digital payments can also be promoted to reduce opportunities for corruption and enhance service delivery. By providing access to information, promoting transparency, and encouraging public participation, technology can support ethical and transparent governance in Nepal.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Technology has opened up new avenues for entrepreneurship, and Nepalese youth can utilize it to start and grow their businesses. Digital platforms such as e-commerce websites, social media, and mobile applications can help entrepreneurs expand their consumer base and reduce their operating costs. In Nepal, young entrepreneurs are driving economic growth by launching new ventures.

IT can play a crucial role in promoting these enterprises by facilitating online marketing and e-commerce. Social media can help entrepreneurs connect with new customers, while IT platforms such as e-sewa, Khalti, and e-payments can support secure online transactions. The Nepal Youth Council can leverage information technology to encourage youth entrepreneurship by creating digital platforms that offer information on starting a business, obtaining financing, and selling products. They can also develop online marketplaces that connect young entrepreneurs with customers and suppliers. Furthermore, ICT can be used to monitor and report on the performance of businesses led by youths, ensuring they have access to the support they need to succeed.

Youth for SDGs

SDGs comprise a global agenda of 17 goals and 169 targets aimed at eradicating poverty, protecting the environment, and promoting prosperity for all. In Nepal, technology can play a vital role in achieving these objectives by enhancing access to education, healthcare, and clean water, thereby reducing inequality. The Nepal Youth Council can contribute significantly to executing the SDGs through the use of information technology.

They can create online platforms, mobile apps, and social media campaigns to raise public awareness and inspire action toward achieving these goals. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can also be employed to monitor progress toward the SDGs and provide real-time feedback to the government, civil society, and development partners. Furthermore, the Nepal Youth Council can advise the government on the effective use of IT to implement the SDGs and track their progress.