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National Youth Conference 2016

By Nepal Youth Council(NYC)

National Youth Conference 2016

Program Name                          : National Youth Conference 2016
Program Date                            : 10-12th Aug, 2016
Program Venue                         : Royal Events Banquet & Restaurant Kathmandu, NEPAL
Participate Age                          : 18-30 years
Registration Deadline              : 20th April, 2016
Selection Criteria                      : 150 youths from 75 districts / 14 Zone and 5 Development Regions
Participation Category             : Social Activist, Youths Entrepreneur, Youths Leaders and Dynamic Youths
Cell                                              :  +977 9851152843 / 9801152843 

Youths are the integral resources for the revolutionary change of any nation. It is obvious that for every positive changes of the country, youths of the nation play deciding roles and to bring that undeniably effective force into the mainstream of nation changing campaigns is always challenging. However, it is a necessity. To execute the positive thoughts into nation developing activities and to unite the youth force for their skill contribution in their motherland is the present challenge that looms in the context of Nepal.  Having said that with the target of bringing two potential future leaders at a single platform, who can direct the upcoming generation of their districts for the overall growth of the country, bringing the positive changes within them through the trainings focused on Entrepreneurship development & Personality Development, we propose “National Youth Conference 2016”.


Youths are the torch-bearer of the change and to justify this, we urge every youth of Nepal walking with positive thoughts to become the part of nation changing campaign. The program is motivated by the motto “Youths on Global Leadership”.


  1. Good personality breeds confidence. Our aim is to bring the positive changes in youths by developing their personalities. Our objective is to let youths know about the importance of personality development.
  2. Our objective is to encourage youths for entrepreneurship so that they could create opportunities of employment to fellow youths while they grow individually in social & financial aspects.
  3. We would also convey the message Youths on Global Leadership and encourage Nepalese youths to come into leadership positions of the country.


  1. Personality development with the development of positive thoughts within participants
  2. Capable and responsible citizen with the realization of importance of team work
  3. Independent and capable for leadership responsibility
  4. Future successful entrepreneurs

Presently, National Youth Council has organizational branches in 40 districts of the country. National Youth Conference 2015 had 138 participants from 68 districts of the country. For the National Youth Conference 2016, the new participants from those 68 districts shall take part. Plus, we shall promote in remaining 7 districts of the country so that participants of all districts of Nepal would be the part of the program.


  1. Participant shall be above 18 years and below 30 years old.
  2. Each district shall have two participants, of which one must be female.
  3. The participant shall be involved in social activities in his home district and he shall be involved in any sort of entrepreneurship.
  4. Participant shall not be associated to any political party.
  5. In the case many applicant apply for the program from a single district and they meet all the criteria, the opportunity shall be provided to the first applicant.
  6. The participant shall produce at least three evidences; he/she has conducted for the social transformation.
  7. The participant shall submit properly filled application until 2016, Feb 3 to National Youth Council via email or to our mailing address.
  8. In case female participant from a district does not turn up, the opportunity shall be provided to male participant.
  9. Participant shall submit NRS 500 as the participating fee.

The expert mentors from the related sectors shall provide theoretical and practical education in the modern that includes audio, video and tactical approaches of teaching. At regular intervals participants shall be asked questions to understand their psychology and the standpoint on the particular topic.

Direct : The direct beneficiaries of National Youth Conference are the 150 participants from 75 districts. That means two participants from each district of Nepal shall be the direct beneficiaries from the Program.

Indirect : The promoters, media houses and the event attendees along with the families who inherit the knowledge from the direct beneficiaries in the long run are the indirect beneficiaries from the program.


  1. Youth Entrepreneurship
  2. Leadership
  3. Personality Development


  1. Successful Youth leaders from various sectors
  2. Motivational speakers who can inherit positive thoughts & enhance personality development
  3. Speakers who can teach how to spend a happy life
  4. Successful business personals of Nepal
  5. Young Psychological Specialist
  6. Youths on Global Leadership – youth specialists
  7. Young politicians


With the slogan “Youths are the torch-bearer of change” NYC will always work for the betterment of the youths with the theme “Nepal is moving ahead”.