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“Time For Nature: One Person One Plant”- WED 2020

By Nepal Youth Council(NYC)

“Time For Nature: One Person One Plant”- WED 2020

Day by day nature is challenging living beings, Nevertheless, living beings are daring to live in this challenging environment. There is a lot of environmental issues that is ongoing in this environment like climate change, global warming, and pollution which is one of the pressing danger for our future generation. Some of the data reveal that around 28 gegatons of carbon dioxide are present in this atmosphere. One of the best solutions to minimize these issues is a plantation and we also believe that youth are the torchlight for the change.

Amidst the Global pandemic of coronavirus, this year we are going to celebrate World Environment Day 2020 in a very meaningful way with Nepal Youth Council, Rupandehi and Youth CAN. So on the auspicious occasion of WED 2020, As a  secretary at NYC Rupandehi,  Regional Ambassador for Nepal at tunza, and one of the campaign coordinator of this program is very glad to announce All Nepal plantation campaign on the theme, “TIME FOR NATURE: ONE PERSON ONE PLANT”.  We believe that this campaign not only encourages all the people to nurture nature but also to nurture self. And we believe together we can make a huge change. Let’s work together for our biodiversity. Let’s be the change, inspire the change, and implement the change.

In addition to this i couldn’t forget to offer my sincere gratitude to all the campaign coordinator, Nepal Youth Council (NYC) team member, and all those members who helped us, directly and indirectly, to carry out this campaign.

How can you participate?

-plant trees, vegetables, or flowers around the home.

-You can also reuse plastic bottles, cans for plantation

-Take a snap of photo or make a short video showing your plantation and send us at the email or link provided below


nepalyouthcouncilrupandehi@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/NYCRupandehi

Deadline: 5 June, 12PM NST






I would also like to request my every fellow ambassador and every member of tunza eco generation to join our campaign and send your photo or video during plantation, I hope we can make a big change if we unite together.

For any queries regarding this please feel free to contact me at

E-mail: adh.sandhya186@gmail.com


Whatsapp: +9779860898538




With the slogan “Youths are the torch-bearer of change” NYC will always work for the betterment of the youths with the theme “Nepal is moving ahead”.