Nepal is a multilingual, multicultural country rich in different languages and ethnicity. People belonging to different castes and ethnicities reside here in harmony. But, the issue is people of lower caste are still deprived of their rights and freedom. We have been seeing and hearing about different violent issues against marginalized communities in different newspapers every now and then. The issue is not only with marginalized communities, there are more issues to be highlighted among everyone. Gender based violence is another common social issue prevailing in our society. Since these are world class problems, with a motive to eradicate such evil issues from our societies, world leaders decided to introduce SDGs to the world. SDGs No. 5 aims to reduce Gender-based violence and create gender equality in societies. Since, our thematic area also falls under SDGs no. 5, Nepal Youth Council has been actively working to create gender based equality throughout all the events. In addition to that, we also give more priority to youths from marginalized and deprived communities. Every year, we conduct National youth Conference (having same number of male and female participants) on the basis of inclusiveness where a total of 66 participants are selected from deprived and marginalized communities, differently abled group of people, LGBTIQ+/queer communities. We always have been giving equal or likely more chances to female participants in any sort of event that we carry out. NYC understands that female and female identifying gender are as equal part of society as males and without each other’s support, we won’t be able to achieve huge success in the field of youth capacity development.



With the slogan “Youths are the torch-bearer of change” NYC will always work for the betterment of the youths with the theme “Nepal is moving ahead”.