Entrepreneurship refers to the process of creating a new enterprise and bearing any of its risks, with the view of making a profit. The person who creates a new enterprise and embraces every challenge for its development and operation is known as an entrepreneur. According to the Asian Development Bank, Nepal has been estimated to grow at 2.3 percent in the last fiscal year 2020/21 which is below the earlier estimated forecast of 3.1 percent. The entrepreneurs of Nepal come across various challenges to start or move forward despite having innovative ideas. The current scenario of Nepal is extremely conducive for ‘Startups’ as compared to previous years. However, the major challenge that the emerging entrepreneurs face is the lack of proper entrepreneurial education and training, including the lack of knowledge of advanced technology. The challenge further adds to limited financing, less skilled employees, low returns, and inconvenient lending policy of banks. 

Nepal Youth Council has been trying to bridge the gap for all emerging entrepreneurs as Nepali entrepreneurs scenario is unsatisfactory. We aim to make youths understand entrepreneurship and help them process their innovative ideas. NYC helps youths to be  familiar with the market scenario of Nepal to encourage them to give a push to their innovative entrepreneurial ideas by organizing different events bringing dynamic speakers in the relevant field where youths can connect with them on a personal level and start shaping their market ideas.  


With the slogan “Youths are the torch-bearer of change” NYC will always work for the betterment of the youths with the theme “Nepal is moving ahead”.