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Support For Earthquake Victims Students


The Devastating Earthquake occurred on April 25 followed by the series of aftershocks, damaged school’s in many districts of Nepal and lead to a massive number of students being forced to discontinue their daily education.  Likewise, many children have lost their parents and some their houses, followed by the series of aftershock which has physiologically affected the young minds. Providing special training’s and workshops to reduce the negative physiological effects and channeling that same energy into creating a positive state of mind is our first priority.

Through our active initiation campaign “Nepal Youth Council (NYC Nepal) and MasterPeaace NYC Nepal” is in the verge of distributing stationary and educational material to more than 2500 students in the much-affected area of the country.  And the number of students can grow even higher if you support our initiative and help us in building a better future for our students.

We encourage you to support us in any way possible, whether by providing us funds or educational materials itself.  We are looking forward to your support for paving a better future for our young minds.


  1. Football
  2. Volleyball
  3. Marker
  4. White Board
  5. White Boar Eraser
  6. Ink
  7. Batmen tan
  8. Calculator
  9. Table Paper Folder
  10. Pen Bucket
  11. Stapler with sufficient pin (Big and Small)
  12. Pump

Per School = Rs. 25,000 ($ 250)


  1. Copy = 5 Dozen
  2. Pen = 5
  3. Pencil = 5
  4. Scale = 1
  5. Eraser = 1
  6. Sharper = 1
  7. Geometric Box = 1
  8. Color Box =1
  9. Calculator = 1

Cost per students= Rs. 1775 ($18 Approx)


  1. Pen (Red and Black)
  2. Dairy
  3. Small Note Book

Per Teacher = Rs. 550 ($ 6)

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